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Dying for a fag Lana Del Rey Mulberry Outlet lights up on stage at French musical festival

2012.07.05. 03:05 Aurora1

Lana Del Rey is regularly pictured puffing away on cigarettes, but the Born to Die singer went a step further earlier today when she appeared to smoke on stage at a French festival. The 25-year-old star was pictured waving around a lit cigarette as she performed at the Eurockéennes Festival, which is one of France’s biggest music events. fashion and stylish mulberry bags.Wearing a white dress with a lace motif, and ankle boots, Lana belted out her biggest hits for revellers at the event in the city of Belfort. Smoking habit: Lana was last seen performing at the Eurockéennes de Belfort rock festival yesterday where she lit up a cigarette onstage Unusual stage accessory: The star had a cigarette in one hand and a microphone in the other as she sang for the crowd Her hair, which was styled in a beehive, was decorated with a large white headband.

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Lana’s performance seemed to go down well with members of the crowd, despite her unconventional stage accessory. More.. .Mulberry Outlet. Devoted girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger spends birthday weekend at Goodwood Festival of Speed with Lewis Hamilton Charlotte Church spills out of her dress as she takes to the stage at Blissfields Music Festival She was pictured being mobbed by fans as she exited the festival in an image posted on Twitter. The Cure and Cypress Hill also performed at the three-day event. Popular: Lana's performance seemed to go down well with the crowd Lana, whose real name is Elizabeth Grant, is famed for her unconventional style and recently landed her first major fashion campaign. According to the New york Post, the red-head has signed a contract to become the face of retail giant H&M. She's shooting an H&M campaign in New york, ’ a source told the newspaper. Trendsetter: Lana, seen here in Hogan Rebels shoes, has signed a contract to become the face of retail giant H&M A representative for the chain store did not deny the claim but told MailOnline that 'H&M does not comment on rumours' .Mulberry Messenger Bags Sale. However, if the rumour turned out to be true, it would not be the first big-name fashion brand to approve of the singer's good looks and fashion sense. She was the inspiration behind Tote Bags by Mulberry earlier this year.

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