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Top Fashion Trends of Fall 2012 reported by Gallery Atlantic

2012.07.02. 03:28 Aurora1

Gallery Atlantic embraces the top Fashion Trends for Fall 2012. The featured jewelry and accessory designers of the hip site have created their collections in line with the popular styles seen on the runways of the Fall 2012 fashion shows. Here is a rundown of the very best and most accessible looks from the trends of Fall 2012.

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) June 30, 2012

Ladylike and modest are two terms previously shunned by designers in favor of the 'less is more' philosophy, and are now all the rage. Inspired by the unlikely combination of the ever fashionable Kate, the Duchess of Windsor and former PM Margaret Thatcher, conservative sheath dresses and layered tweeds were found at Micheal Kors, Oscar de la Renta and Tory Burch (Director of Jewelry design at Tory Burch is Justin Giunta). Over-sized jewelry, still popular with grandmothers the world over, were the go-to accessory. The look was finished by the single lacquered-toned frame bag.

Military Chic:

The masculine touch was provided by the military inspired designs of Jason Wu and Burberry Prorsum. Lithe silhouettes decked out in ivory buttons and scaled leather brought an edge to the traditionally structured styles. The majority of the designers abjured the olive greens and brass accessories usually associated with military style in favor of a more sophisticated approach. The look was often paired with studded or patent leather accessories.

Lacquered Leather:

The laminated look was everywhere, not just on shoes and handbags! Glossy leather coats, shiny skirts, and lacquered separates were spotted at Alexander Wang and Marni. Taking leather ensembles to a new level, J.W. Anderson introduced his collection with a not-so-subtle, monochromatic, head to toe leather look. The Beirn collection artfully incorporates their signature water-snake material in an array of vibrant and classic shades.

Patterns, Prints, and Mixed Media:

Geometrics, lacy latticework and colorful prints were found aplenty at the Fall 2012 fashion shows. Both the clothing and accessories were structured and embellished, with mixed media collections at the crux of these shows. At Rag and Bone, a combination of heavy tapestry inspired prints and leather lent a Mad Max feel to the designer's line of outerwear. At Fendi, large color-blocked totes finished the look of the designer's simple wool-and-leather dresses. The most ostentatious pairings were found at Givenchy, where light colored silk was combined with black tulle and long leather evening gloves, which will have fashionable steampunk enthusiasts all aquiver with anticipation for the Fall.

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