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Police hunt for Sloane Street smash and grab bike Mulberry Wallets Bags Sale gang

2012.06.30. 03:45 Aurora1

Smash and grab raiders struck at a designer store in Kensington early today snatching thousands of pounds worth of handbags. Two men on a stolen moped battered their way into the Roger Vivier store in Sloane Street just before 4am. The raid came as police released images of another smash and grab gang targeting Arije jewellers in the same street earlier this month. The Roger Vivier store on the street has also been targeted before at least once when in March 2010 raiders escaped with another haul of bags. This morning several stones resembling street cobbles lay on the pavement beside the luxury boutique. Joe Fox of locksmith firm SWAT said it appeared that the thieves had tried to smash open the reinforced glass of the front doors using the stones and then pulled the doors open with "brute force", before ripping the internal shutters open. "It looks like it would have taken at least two people, " he said. Inside fashion and stylish mulberry bags and shoes were strewn across the floor, however the store owner would not comment whether any items were missing. The designer stores lining the street are a popular target for the smash and grab gangs that have plagued London in recent years.

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Many shops now employ security guards on the street to deter the gangs. A break-in at the Louis Vuitton store last year left a security guard so badly beaten by thieves that he required facial surgery. Scotland Yard released images of a raid on the Arije jewellers in Sloane Street on June 13 when a six strong gang escaped with dozens of designer watches. Police refused to comment but one insider said the haul was worth £1 million. The six suspects on mopeds and bikes roared up to the jewellers scattering shoppers and pedestrians. Using large sledgehammers they battered their way through a display window and through the door while terrified staff cowered inside .Mulberry Wallets Bags Sale. They shattered display cases and grabbed handfuls of expensive designer watches before speeding away. Detective Constable Hannah Gregory of the Barnes Flying Squad, who is investigating the raid, said: "This was an organised robbery committed in a busy street in broad daylight. “Although no injuries were caused, staff were left extremely shocked .Mulberry Bayswater. I would appeal to anyone that witnessed the incident or has any information about it to contact the Flying Squad" There have been no arrests. The robbery is the latest in a string of smash and grab raids on designer stores and jewellers in the West End. Police in Westminster have targeted the gangs and, after a series of arrests, the number of coach has fallen.

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